Hey there,

I’m Carter Wheelock. I’m the owner and craftsman behind LMBR + HIDE. I remember my first attempt at working with leather - the result was far from pretty, but that initial experience with the craft sparked a flame. My appreciation and respect for leather-working has substantially grown and strengthened over these past three years. I’ve found myself with a new hobby and creative outlet that is continually challenging me to not only become a better craftsman, but a better person as well. It’s driven me towards two of my greatest passions in life.

   First and foremost is my family. My wife, Julia, and I both run LMBR + HIDE together, which allows us to work side by side—a dream we’ve had since getting married about 4 years ago. We are striving for a simple and meaningful life for our family. A life where we have the freedom and time to invest in adventuring together and enjoying life outside of conventional work. Being able to work with my spouse is an entirely rewarding and fulfilling experience, and I’m thankful to already have that part of our dream in hand. My goal is to eventually be able to work solely from my home shop, making leather goods and furniture, and spending my time with my family.

   Leather working has also helped me appreciate how the simple things in our lives can help tell our stories. We all go through life constantly growing, changing, and discovering our next path or adventure. I love seeing old tools, leather goods, and antique furniture that show the marks and signs of the lives that have touched these objects before us. These things hold an unassuming beauty within their patinas and signs of use, but, more than that, they are telling us about the lives and stories of multiple generations. My goal, what humbles me and fills me with pride and awe, is to build something that will be cherished throughout years; something that will journey alongside someone on their personal adventure through life and help tell their own story…maybe your own story. 


We believe in things that get better with age.


How it began…

It started with a trip to the coast of Maine, a birthday present request and the idea that you can really do anything you set your mind to. It really came down to the fact that we saw a need - a need for simpler, more affordable and better quality products. We wanted it for ourselves, and so we made it happen…and then realized other people wanted the same thing. So here we are 3 years later, making the dream happen, not only for us, but we hope, for you too.

Quality Materials

We believe in things that get better with age. This is why we exclusively use vegetable tanned leather from  Wickett & Craig, a Pennsylvania based tannery over 150 years old. Wickett & Craig’s veg-tanning is a natural and environmentally friendly process that produces leather which achieves a deep patina over time. We compliment our leather with solid brass and copper hardware, and waxed polyester thread that join forces to ensure a product that maintains a timeless quality.   

100% Handmade

We start with the design - drawn out the old-fashioned way with paper and a pencil. Our design is made into a pattern which is then used to cut pieces from the side of leather we're working with. We choose to hand stitch all of our products using an old world technique called saddle stitching. This method of stitching ensures a durable product that will long outlive all of it's machine-sewn counterparts. Strength is in the details.